Are you looking for NSAA and/or A level Biology/Chemistry tuition?

Memorising facts for exams these days is not enough anymore. Exam techniques including, pulling out the key points from a question, structuring your answers and the dreaded “thinking outside of the box”, are instead being tested. This added stress can become unbearable, but there are strategies and steps that can be taken to circumvent this.

How do I know? Well, that’s because I’ve been through it and have made it out the other side. Getting ahead with the curriculum, feeling familiar and confident with the specification, learning how to answer questions and how to revise for exams are all essential skills that are required.

I am offering tuition via Skype for students wishing to take the University of Cambridge NSAA test or for AS/A Level Biology and/or Chemistry. I want to make learning fun and affordable, therefore I am willing to work (within reason) for a price that you think is worthy.

Please contact me for more details:

Who am I:



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