The Gene: An intimate history ~ Siddhartha Mukherjee

What is a gene? What does it mean to be human? Looking for a good book to read? If these are questions filling your head then look no further, literally – the book name is in the title! ‘The Gene: An intimate history’ is the latest book by Siddhartha Mukherjee, author of ‘The emperor of […]


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The sex chromosomes – Y is there a Y and the great X-scape

Throughout evolution many mechanisms to determine sex have arisen. Whilst in many species sex is determined genetically, environmental factors such as temperature or even social variables such as size can influence the fate of an organism’s sex. Other species change sex throughout their lifetime. In humans, sex is determined by the sex chromosomes present in […]

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Imaging RNA in a cell with Corn

Techniques to track and follow proteins inside living cells have vastly improved over the last decade, however comparable methods for tracking RNA have lagged behind. This is primarily due to the lack of intrinsically fluorescent RNA to match the expertise of the protein kind, like GFP (green fluorescent protein). Corn is one of the latest […]

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A bacterial aphrodisiac?

Bacteria are everywhere. Well, pretty much everywhere. On that door handle, your bed, the air to the bottom of the ocean and the trillion inside your own bodies! Their pure diversity provides an exceedingly large study source to improve our biochemical and physiological understanding of cellular processes, but especially the effect bacteria can play on […]

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CARs designed to tackle cancer

CARs designed to tackle cancer Every so often you have a ‘wow’ moment in life. This may be from seeing one of the wonders of the world or witnessing a great performance on stage. For me, my common ‘wow’ moments are of the ‘Wow, how come I have only just discovered this when others have […]

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