He who MUST be named: The #CRISPRbabies 4 months on

I think I first came across the news on Twitter. It must’ve been a Monday morning as I was scrolling through my home page. At first I thought this can’t be true. I laughed at how ridiculous the news was. But my laughter soon changed to concern as I began to learn more of the […]


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CRISPR just got snappy…

Biologists have a way of coming up with cool abbreviations; ChIP(Chromatin immunoprecipitation), DAPPER (DAtabase for Protein-Protein intERactions), ERGIC (ER–Golgi intermediate compartment) , TESCO (testis specific enhancer of Sox9 core element), but one of my personal favourites is CRISPR* – clustered regularly interspersed short palindromic repeats. *And as Hermione might say, it’s not crispaar, it’s, crisper. […]

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